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All the books listed on this page may be ordered from:
Brethren Revival Fellowship
P.O. Box 543
Ephrata, PA  17522-0543
Please add $2.00 per book for postage and handling. Mailing costs (in the United States) for 
five or more books (one title or assorted titles) will be paid for by Brethren Revival Fellowship.

Glimpses of the Past:  A Study of Brethren Heritage is a new, 13-week study of Brethren history and beliefs.  The book (104 pages in length) is a summary look at the background that led to the founding of the Brethren in Europe, the migration and beginnings in America, the move south and west in the new land, the lifestyle and  beliefs of the Brethren, and the changes that have occurred in recent decades.  Each chapter has about five pages of lesson text, a one page study of a Bible passage related to the lesson, and a page of suggestions for further research and discussion.  This is a spiral-bound book that is ideal for Sunday School or midweek sessions.  It is available for a donation of $3.00 each.

Another recent book from Bro. Harold S. Martin is Simple Messages on Matthew.  Those who enjoyed hearing Bro. Martin on the Sunday School Meditations radio program will find a more extensive coverage of the First Gospel in this 265 page book printed in early 2000.  Its 20 messages delve into the account of the promised Messiah of the Old Testament.  It aims to be a straightforward examination of Matthew, while not ignoring the challenges that confront the expositor.  It is available for a suggested donation of  $ 6.00 per copy, and may be ordered from BRF at the address above. 

Book CoverBrethren Revival Fellowship has reprinted an expanded edition of an earlier book written by Harold Martin. The book is titled Simple Messages on Romans. The first edition of the book contained the text of twelve sermons, and was published by Brethren Press in 1974. The book has been expanded to include a more complete introduction and a brief conclusion. 

The paragraphs below appeared in the Autumn, 1974 issue of Brethren Life and Thought, a review written by Brother Edward K. Ziegler, who served as editor of B L & T for many years and was the Annual Conference Moderator in 1960: 

Harold Martin has given us in his book on Romans, a series of solid biblical expository sermons. He is one of the leading "evangelical" preachers in the Church of the Brethren, and for a number of years chairman of the Brethren Revival Fellowship. He is also a fine specimen of the ministers in our day who earn their living in the field of education, and serve the church in the so-called free ministry. Thus he is in a strong Brethren tradition. 

His work as an author and preacher shows evidence of thorough study of the Bible, and familiarity with conservative evangelical thought. This book of sermons on Romans does not hesitate to tackle deep theological issues, even dealing bravely, and I think successfully, with the concepts of predestination and freedom of the will, original sin, and the meaning of salvation. Brother Martin fits in well with a long and honored tradition of Brethren biblical preaching. He breaks no new ground in his exposition, but the book well lives up to its unpretentious title. Its tone is positive, evangelical, and reverent. This is a book of biblical evangelistic sermons. 

--Edward K. Ziegler 
The 134-page new paperback edition of Simple Messages on Romans is available for a suggested donation of  $4.00 each. 

Book CoverAlso, the book on New Testament Beliefs and Practices written by the same author is available by writing to Brethren Revival Fellowship at the address listed above. The book is titled New Testament Beliefs and Practices: A Brethren Understanding. It is a 123-page clothbound book and is available for a suggested donation of $5.95 each. 

Read what James F. Myer (Annual Conference Moderator in 1985) has to say about this book, from the Preface:

For those looking for a fresh, simple, comprehensive approach to practical Christian living, this book will be a welcome resource. This will be especially true if there is an interest in  understanding the beliefs and practices of those Christian groups whose roots extend back to the post-Reformation era of early Anabaptism and Pietism. Although this book is written primarily to be instructive to Church of the Brethren people, its real importance lies not in its being Brethren, but in its being Biblical. It will be received eagerly by those wanting helpful teaching about the non-glamorous, largely unpopular, and almost never mentioned parts of the Bible which relate to some of the details of Christian discipleship.

The Brethren movement from the early eighteenth century has persistently heeded the counsel to search the Scriptures and come under their authority. This has resulted in applying some Gospel truths in uncommon and distinctive ways. But the authority for such practices has always grown out of diligently wanting to be faithful to what is written in the Bible. A frequently heard statement among Brethren has been, "The New Testament is our only rule of faith and practice."

This book, New Testament Beliefs and Practices: A Brethren Understanding, will be a good tool to keep in current Brethren congregations if they are sincerely seeking to become more Biblical and Brethren. It will also be a good measuring rod to use with those who rather loudly declare themselves to be a "Bible-believing church." It should gain wide acceptance as a basis of instruction for those who are in the process of becoming members of the Church of the Brethren.

Harold S. Martin has had a career as a mathematics teacher in a public high school. He opted for early retirement in order to put his full energies into helping people understand Biblical truth. He has the unique gift of taking difficult or unpopular passages and explaining them with simple, logical, easy-to-understand phrases, and yet in such a comprehensive way that the issues are explained satisfactorily. As I read the manuscript, I developed the strong impression that I was reading the words of a kindly Brethren Elder, with lots of Bible knowledge, wanting to impart to an inquiring seeker a very careful understanding of the New Testament beliefs that are to characterize the Church of Jesus Christ. I am fully convinced that within the counsel of these pages is what it really means to be a Christian in the fullest sense of the word. Read it and join the number!

--James F. Myer

Glimpses From The Book of Revelation is an examination of the stirring, prophetic message of the Book of Revelation. It is a concise commentary from the premillennial point of view on the entire last book of the Bible. It divides the Revelation into the three-part natural division suggested in Revelation 1:19--things past, things present, and things future. The writer attempts to speak the language of the common man, and to make the message clear without using technical terms. He explores the meanings of the trumpets, the vials, and the beasts of the Book of Revelation, and then proclaims God's message of hope for the last days. Christians deplore the worsening world situation, but see in present trends comforting signs of the Lord's soon return.

This 92 page paperback is available for a suggested donation of  $3.00 each. 

You may print out and use the order form for these books.


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