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For reasons behind the new Brethren Mission Fund, see "Why A
Brethren Mission Fund?"
by James F. Myer.
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 An opportunity for 
missions for Brethren!
In September 1998, Brethren Revival Fellowship launched the Brethren Mission Fund.   This decision came after several years of discussion and prayer regarding the direction of the missions program of the General Board of the Church of the Brethren.


1.  To provide a channel through the Brethren Revival Fellowship organization to help  resource sound Brethren mission work or Brethren workers where the gospel of Jesus Christ is being presented for the salvation of souls.


1.  The Brethren Mission Fund shall be kept in a separate BRF Account.  A maximum of five percent of the monies received may be used for administrative costs.

2.  The Fund is to be managed by a sub-committee of five members--three members of the BRF Committee including the Treasurer and two non-BRF Committee members who are named by the BRF Committee.

3.  The BRF Committee shall be kept informed of the activities of the Fund with opportunities to give counsel.

4.  The Brethren Mission Fund shall maintain frequent and open communication with General Board and District staff to give and receive advice about how this Fund might be supportive of the missionary endeavors of the church.

5.  A staff member of BRF should be assigned to help administer this Fund as a part of his responsibility.


1.  To help support sound, evangelical Brethren mission projects at home and abroad.

2.  To help support members of the Church of the Brethren who are laboring in evangelical missions that may not be explicitly Brethren.

3.  To help promote and establish new Church of the Brethren mission projects.

4.  To be sent directly to the field where the mission work is being done, unless decided otherwise.


1.  Appeal especially to Brethren whose mission dollars have been gradually going in non-Brethren directions.

2.  Announce the development of this fund in the WITNESS periodically.

3.  Develop a newsletter to interested and contributing persons and congregations.

4.  Attempt to have considerable direct communication and visits from mission projects to supporting congregations.

5.  Promotion shall not be done on a district-wide or brotherhood-wide basis to be in direct competition with other denominational fund raising efforts.

Approved by the BRF Committee, June 10, 1998.  Approved without dissent by the BRF General Meeting, September 12, 1998.  An offering was received of $4,256.00 for the Brethren Mission Fund.

Initial Mission Fund Committee members were:  Carl L. Brubaker, Treasurer; Paul W. Brubaker;  James F. Myer; Kathy Pickering;  Kurt Snyder.  Eric and Linda Brubaker  edit a missions newsletter for the BMF.

How May I Support the Brethren Mission Fund?

Financial support may be send to the following address:
Brethren Mission Fund
P.O. Box 251
Lititz, PA  17543-0251

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